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Waste Management & Risk Prevention

Malta’s densely-populated and highly-urbanised environment and its economic system make it more susceptible to a wide range of environmental challenges.  Waste management, in the case of both solid and liquid waste, is of great importance since it can have a negative impact on the environment if not carried out properly.  This can also have an impact on Malta’s competitiveness, particularly in the tourism sector, but also on the quality of life of its citizens. 

For this reason, major projects co-financed by the Cohesion Fund are being implemented under Operational Programme I with a view to continue upgrading the country’s environment infrastructure - particularly in the area of solid and liquid waste management.  One such project involves the permanent closure of the Magħtab (Malta) and Qortin (Gozo) landfills with the aim of transforming them into open public spaces. The project also includes the rehabilitation of the Marsascala (Malta) landfill which has been closed since 1979 and turning the area into a family park. Another project in this area is the construction of the Malta South Sewage Treatment Plant at Ta’ Barkat (limits of Xghajra) which complements the two existing water treatment plants in Gozo and in the north of Malta.  This plant further enables Malta to treat all of its sewage before discharging it into the sea, thereby improving the quality of bathing water, safeguarding the marine environment, increasing the potential for fishing and health and a better quality of life.  This also contributes to increasing the tourist potential of the Maltese Islands and, therefore, helping its economy further.

Actions are also being carried out in order to develop the necessary infrastructure needed for risk prevention, particularly in the context of flooding. The Maltese natural and urban landscape tends to contribute to the phenomenon of flash flooding when heavy storms hit the island, to the detriment of residents, the business community as well as travellers. 

Operational Programme I


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