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Public Administration

Effective and streamlined public administration and public services are essential to assist in, and to promote the economic growth of the Maltese islands and the stimulation of jobs.  It is for this reason that Government is investing in better regulation, policy design and delivery in its role as a regulator and facilitator for economic growth.  Having a more productive Public Administration offering a better quality of work is also essential to instigate reforms whilst also increasing the productivity and growth of the wider economy. 

In this light, a number of actions primarily co-financed through the European Social Fund, are being implemented with the aim of strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector as well as develop effective partnerships in a wide range of policy areas. 

The public sector is also provided with a number of life-long learning opportunities in order to improve the existing skills and capabilities, therefore making work processes more efficient, increasing the workforce adaptability and productivity.  Government is embarking on systems to centralise a number of functions with a view to minimising fragmentation and duplication of work which will ultimately benefit the public service’s main client – the citizen.

Social and civil dialogue plays an important role in a democratic system since it enables policies to be drawn up with the required support and endorsement of the key stakeholders, particularly in the context of EU-wide developments.  An example of how the ESF supports social and civil dialogue is the Closer to Europe project implemented by the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD).  This project encourages and sustains the development of a more effective social and civil dialogue in Malta and Gozo by providing local stakeholders with up-to-date information on social, economic and EU-related matters, lifelong learning opportunities and networking initiatives.  This project, therefore, increases the stakeholders’ knowledge on EU and local policy developments and allows them to reach informed opinions on policy issues. 

No. of Projects Value
12 €26,000,000