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Private Sector

The main access to funding for the private sector is through aid schemes financed under both the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund.  The aid schemes financed under ERDF target a wide range of areas which aim to increase enterprises’ competitiveness in both a local and international context, while the aid schemes financed under ESF focus primarily on job creation and employability of the local workforce.  

ERDF Aid Schemes Description Managed by
Grant Scheme for Child Care Facilities This scheme supports Government’s central policy to promote and sustain quality childcare services in order to enable a better work-family/life balance and encourage an increased participation of females in the local workforce. It also contributes towards attaining the EU targets of providing child placements for at least 33% of children aged between 0-3 years in Malta. Department for Social Welfare Services
Grant Scheme for Sustainable Tourism Projects by Enterprises This scheme directs funds towards the economic development of the tourism sector. Sustainable tourism projects under this scheme strengthen Malta's competitive advantage in tourism; increase the use of ICT in tourism; increase good environmental practices by tourism enterprises and also increase innovation in tourism. Tourism and Sustainable Development Unit
ERDF Small Start-up Grant Scheme This scheme supports the growth of new enterprises having less than 50 employees. Malta Enterprise
ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation) The Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation) seeks to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) meet today’s business challenges by stimulating short to medium term projects that result in Product or Service Innovation, Process Innovation and Organisational Innovation.
ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Environment) This competitive grant scheme supports innovation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises through investment in environmentally friendly technologies.
ERDF e-Business Development Grant Scheme Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are supported in their investment in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with a view to support growth through the diversification of the enterprise’s products and services and significant changes to the enterprise’s production process.
Research & Development Grant Scheme Research and Development activities that lead to the development of new or significantly improved products, processes or services are assisted through this scheme.
ERDF Energy Grant Scheme This aid scheme helps enterprises to invest in energy saving measures and alternative energy sources.
ERDF International Competitiveness Grant Scheme This scheme facilitates the development of new markets or assists in the introduction of new services or products in established markets.
ESF Aid Schemes Description Managed by
Training Aid Framework (TAF) Through this scheme, the ETC financially assists private sector companies and self-employed persons that invest in the training of their workforce.  Training can be in-house or out-sourced and can be given in Malta or abroad. Depending on the need identified by the private enterprise, various types of training could be provided including formal qualifications, job shadowing, on-the-job training as well as distance learning programmes. Employment and Training Corporation
Employment Aid Programme This scheme provides wage subsidies to employers in Malta and Gozo in order to promote the recruitment of disadvantaged and/or disabled persons - thereby increasing the employment rate of various target groups.

Another means of assisting micro, small and medium-size enterprises is JEREMIE which is an initiative of the European Commission in collaboration with the European Investment Bank Group. 

No. of Projects Value
11 €86,000,000