Investing In Your Future


Life Long Learning & Employment

In the context of an ever-changing economy, it is important that the country’s workforce is prepared to take up the challenges offered in the labour market.  This can only be done if the workforce has the necessary skills and competences to address such changes. 

For this reason Operational Programme II, financed through the European Social Fund, is supporting initiatives which provide the necessary training both for those currently employed as well as those unemployed in order to increase their knowledge, skills and competences.  Such lifelong learning opportunities make workers more adaptable to the labour market needs and also increase their chances of employability. 

In parallel with all these projects, the European Social Fund is also financing two aid schemes which help the private sector in the recruitment of disadvantaged and/or disabled persons (Employment Aid Programme) and to invest in the relevant training for their workforce (Training Aid Framework).  Find out more about these schemes here.

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No. of Projects Value
22 €23,000,000