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Education is a national priority which is addressed by both Operational Programmes under Cohesion Policy 2007-2013.  Since human resources are Malta’s primary resource, it is important that a sound knowledge base is created by providing quality educational systems at all levels – both formally and informally.  These initiatives also contribute towards the Europe 2020 objective of smart growth which encourages citizens to learn, study and update their skills.

The two Operational Programmes work in tandem to increase the quality of the educational experience for Maltese and Gozitan students and lifelong learners.  This is done by providing the necessary infrastructure together with the right academic and administrative structures to address current learners’ needs as well as identifying new educational areas required by the labour market.  One of the Priority Axes of Operational Programme II, financed under the European Social Fund, aims to

  • Increase student participation in general fields of study (non S&T or ICT) at a further or at higher levels of education;
  • Increase student participation rates in science, technology and ICT education at a further or at higher levels of education;
  • Improve the quality or relevance of educational experience. 

The Malta College of Arts, Sciences and Technology and the University of Malta are the two main beneficiaries within this category.  The financial assistance received through the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund has enabled these two institutions to increase the courses available and redesign courses in order to make them more relevant to current educational and market needs, expand their physical space to accommodate more students and provide them with state-of-the-art technology to support their studies.

Individuals seeking to specialise and pursue their studies also benefit from the European Social Fund through the €10 million STEPS scholarship scheme.  

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No. of Projects Value
29 €71,000,000