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Project Cost: €67,966,869
Beneficiary: Water Services Corporation
Line Ministry: Ministry for Energy and Health
Start Date: 2009
End Date: 2012

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

The project aimed at constructing a new urban Wastewater treatment plant at Ta' Barkat, a new Wastewater pumping station at Rinella, upgrading of the existing Xghajra pumping station, a new Wastewater gallery and a submarine outfall. The infrastructure completed the interventions foreseen in the Sewage Master Plan and covered the remaining Wastewater that is currently being discharged untreated at sea.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life CF
Fund: Cohesion Fund
Priority Axis: PA5 Safeguarding the Environment

Project Objectives

The project will bring Malta in line with the EU Urban Wastewater Directive 91/271/EC thus complying with the need to treat all urban wastewater entering collecting systems, before discharge. The project also falls under the purpose of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC, as defined in Article 1, particularly in relation to the protection of coastal waters; the project will restore bathing water quality to the 5km coastline extending between Ricasoli and Marsascala, in line with the Bathing Water Directives 76/160/EEC and 2006/7/EEC (raising the classification level from Class 3 to Class 1); eliminate all raw wastewater discharges to the sea, together with the unsightly wastewater plume slicks and associated health risks; eliminate all bad odour emissions resulting from the raw wastewater discharge; increase the residential and recreational value of the North East coastal area; improve the tourist potential of the North East coastal area.

Project Purpose

The following are some of the socio-economic objectives that will be addressed by the project: 1. Increase recreational value of the North East coastal area;2. Improved tourist potential of the Maltese Islands.3. Improved health and resulting better quality of life for residents, and in particular, those living next to the existing marine raw wastewater discharge.4. Improved potential for fishing in the area, currently contaminated with raw wastewater.