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ERDF 068: Upgrading of Operating Theatre and Setting Up of Radiology Unit

Project Cost: €3,566,981
Beneficiary: Ministry for Energy and Health
Line Ministry: Ministry for Energy and Health
Start Date: 2008
End Date: 2014

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

The project involved the purchasing of equipment that has provided patients in Gozo with two services not yet present at the Gozo General Hospital that is CT scanning and mammography imaging. While the operating theatre has been refurbished and upgraded by state of the art equipment thus reducing drastically the number of patient referrals to Mater Dei in Malta.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Priority Axis: PA6 Urban Regeneration and Improving the Quality of Life
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIPA6 Education, Social and Health-related Infrastructure

Project Objectives

The overall objective of this project is that of providing an accessible, quality and sustainable health service in accordance with the Government's vision for an improved quality of life.

Project Results

The project aims to achieve a significant improvement in the quality of health services offered at the Gozo General Hospital. Ultimately this will lead to an improvement in the quality of life. The tangible results to be achieved by this project are:1) 2 units within the hospital will be upgraded; 2) 6 new diagnostic services will be introduced; 3) 2 new surgical procedures with X-rays will be introduced; 4) More effective and efficient diagnostic investigations; 5) Waste generation is eliminated6) A reduction of 1000 patients from Mater Dei Hospital for CT Scans, mammograms, Doppler studies, studies for obstetrics, guided biopsies and mineral bone density tests. 7) 20% increase in the number of users of these services.

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to provide an improved and accessible health service that will meet present day needs. The project envisages the enhancement of existing services and an increase in the number of services over and above those currently provided that will significantly improve accessibility to health services currently unavailable in Gozo.