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ESF 3.56: Specialised Research on OHS and Development of OHS Accreditation System

Project Cost: €413,574
Beneficiary: Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA)
Line Ministry: Ministry for Energy and Health (MEH)
Start Date: 2008
End Date: 2011

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

This project involved a specialised research to determine the prevailing levels of OHS in Malta namely sectoral OHS, occupational risks and the cost of poor OHS to the nation. The results also assisted in identifying future national OHS strategies and policies. An OHS accreditation system was developed to support employers when designating third party OHS practitioners.

Operational Programme: OPII Empowering People for More Jobs and a Better Quality of Life ESF
Fund: European Social Fund
Operational Objective: To contribute towards the integration, retention and progression of disadvantaged groups in the labour market, whilst addressing labour market distortions.
Priority Axis: PA3 Promoting and equal and inclusive labour market
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIIPA3 Addressing labour market distortions and ensuring that work pays.

Project Objectives

The overall objective of this project is to improve the level of OHS in Malta through (1) research into the prevailing level of OHS to assist policy makers so as to allow more targeted interventions and (2) to ensure that OHS practitioners who tender their advice to employers are accredited and hence competent.

Project Results

The research project will: (i) deliver OHS statistics on (a) occupational injuries, (b) physical ill-health and (c ) occupational guidance psychological ill-health, while determining the root causes of such injuries and ill-health at a macro level; (ii) generate data regarding level of access of workers to internal and external OHS services; (iii) cost calculate the prevailing risk levels of OHS to the nation and, (iv) draw up an OHS accreditation system to endorse third party OHS practitioners who offer services to employers.

Project Purpose

The project aims to improve the overall levels of OHS in Malta and it is anticipated that the following target groups will benefit as follows: (A) Workers employed in undertakings with poor levels of OHS are deemed to be disadvantaged and at risk of developing serious consequences particularly of falling ill or becoming injured due to their work. The obvious aims of this project are higher OHS standards at workplaces thereby benefitting mainly the workers due to:(i) Less accidents suffered, less workers falling ill; (ii) Workers remaining healthy and in employment, hence productive - retaining the 'employability' status;(iii) Healthy work leaves a positive effect on the overall well being of these workers(B) Enterprises (employers) practicing higher OHS standards will experience: (i) reduced operational costs;(ii) reduced operational risks;(iii) lower employee absence and turnover rates;(iv) fewer accidents; (v) lessened threat of legal action (due to breaches of OHS levels); (vi) better reputation for corporate responsibility among investors, customers and society and as a result;(vii) healthier and more productive workforces.