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ERDF 080: A Super Computer Laboratory for the University of Malta

Project Cost: €468,983
Beneficiary: University of Malta
Line Ministry: Ministry for Education and Employment
Start Date: 2008
End Date: 2010

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

This project lead to a state of the art computing facility for the University of Malta and for use by research-performing SMEs. This facility is now equipped with the latest modelling software in environmental, discrete element, protein, urban, climate, financial and fluid dynamic modelling. It also provides a system for the development of multi-core programming and grid computing systems.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational Objective: To undertake a number of smart investments in the knowledge infrastructure and research capacity in higher education.
Priority Axis: PA1 Enhancing Knowledge and Innovation
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIIPA1 Investing in the Education System

Project Objectives

The main objective is to provide the University with a super computing laboratory to conduct a wide range of applied research. Such a facility is essential for ICT research, modelling of complex systems and compound process optimisations. As in any other project aimed at improving research infrastructure, this project shall support Malta’s goal of becoming a knowledge-based economy.

Project Results

The end result of the project is the availability of a functional supercomputer cluster. The prime indicator of this will be the successful completion of the qualification tests of the Cluster, which will be performed by the manufacturer (under the supervision of the customer) after installation. The outline requirements for this qualification test form part of the Technical Specifications of the tender, but may be subject to some modification during the tendering process. The equipment to be procured consists of:- a supercomputer cluster comprising: - 64 processing nodes - 1 head node including monitor and keyboard - high-speed network interconnection - 5 terabyte hard-disk storage array- infrastructural equipment installed in the Secondary Data Centre providing support for the supercomputer installation, comprising: - UPS installation - Generator - Main electrical cables

Project Purpose

• Improvement of research and training infrastructure;• Improved opportunities for collaborative research with industry, public authorities and foreign research institutions;• Promoting technology transfer through collaboration;• Expansion of innovation facilities that may lead to new, marketable products and services;• Attraction of an increased number of research students (local and foreign)