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ERDF 001: Upgrading and Embellishment of Industrial Estates

Project Cost: €14,921,387
Beneficiary: Malta Industrial Parks
Line Ministry: Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business
Start Date: 2008
End Date: 2015

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

The project upgraded the general environment, service infrastructure and the establishment of communal facilities in five industrial zones, with the aim of enhancing Malta's competitiveness as an industrial location thus contributing to the sustaining of Malta's growing knowledge based economy and promoting and safeguarding jobs in this key strategic sector.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational Objective: To promote and strengthen high value-added economic activity, including attraction of Foreign Direct Investment through investments in enterprise support infrastructure, including industrial facilities;
Priority Axis: PA1 Enhancing Knowledge and Innovation
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIPA1 Enterprise Infrastructure

Project Objectives

The project aims to contribute significantly towards Malta’s efforts to become a knowledge-based competitive economy This will take place through the investment for the upgrading of the general environment and the service infrastructure in the industrial parks which is an essential element of Malta’s competitiveness in this sector.Bulebel: The upgrading proposed is the second and final phase of the upgrading of the estate, with the first phase being undertaken through the ERDF 2004-2006 programme. The works will include, apart from a general upgrading of the roads and service infrastructure, increased parking facilities, more green areas, better rainwater collection system and the extension of the fire hydrant system in the estate. The design and specifications to be used will be identical to the ones used in phase 1 and will hence serve to complement the already successful upgrading of the site.Hal Far: The project envisages the completion of the second and third phase of the upgrading of the industrial estate. Phase 2 will entail the continuation of the upgrading of the road and service infrastructure throughout the western part of the estate which houses the budding pharmaceutical companies. Apart from the aesthetics associated with these works (which is considered an important factor by these enterprises), the works will improve the traffic flow, increase parking and green areas, reduce dust generation, improve the street lighting and the rainwater collection (further reservoirs are included). In addition, this phase will also aim to preserve the archaeological features present in the estate (photos attached) and make them into a feature, as well as rehabilitating the area of the old sewage treatment plan located in the southernmost part of the estate which is currently designated as a green area in the local plan.Phase 3 entails the introduction of a road network and service infrastructure in a major undeveloped area in the estate where there are plots earmarked to house industrial expansion and new projects primarily in the pharmaceutical sector. This network will provide the backbone, whilst the actual servicing of the site will be financed by MIP as part of the development project of the individual firms.Mosta Technopark: The Mosta Technopark is the best serviced industrial estate in Malta (and is used as a reference for MIP’s vision of the other zones). However, in view of the significant increase in employment in the area, there is the need to expand the communal facilities which are already present to include a child-day care facility. The proposed action in this area is thus the expansion of the current administration block to house this facility.Kordin: In view of the success of KBIC and MIP has proposed the undertaking of phase 1 of the upgrading and embellishment of the main entrance and service road of the estate which is to have a direct impact on the perceived quality of the industrial estate. This will include upgrading the service and road infrastructure, creation of landscaped areas, signage, street-lighting and rainwater collection system amongst others.Also included in the project is the development of an administration block to house communal facilities including a child-day care centre.Xewkija: The most challenging part of the project submitted is the proposed upgrading and embellishment of the Xewkija Industrial Estate as MIP aims to give an identity to this estate which is a very difficult location to sell to investors due to the double insularity feature of Gozo. The vision which MIP has for this estate is to make it a model on the use of energy-efficient systems and materials in industrial estates, with features such as solar-panel powered street lighting, pavements made with recycled materials and so on.

Project Results

The upgrading of five industrial estates, which consist of phase 2 of Hal Far and Bulebel, phase 1 of Kordin, and the complete upgrading of Xewkija and Mosta, which will ensure that a minimum of twenty new companies/ expansions will be located within these industrial estates with a net employment generated of at least 200.The structural developments to be financed by the ERDF are as follows:Hal Far – development and upgrade of road infrastructure and layout; upgrade of general services; improvement of street lighting, physical environment, rain water collection system and fire hydrant system; rehabilitation of old sewage treatment plant and archaeological siteBulebel – upgrade of road infrastructure and layout; upgrade of general services; improvement of physical environment, street lighting, rain water collection system and fire hydrant system;Mosta Technopark – development of child-care facilityKordin – upgrade of road infrastructure and layout; upgrade of general services; improvement of street lighting, physical environment and rain water collection system; development of administration block including a child-care facilityXewkija – upgrade of road infrastructure and layout; upgrade of general services; improvement of street lighting, physical environment and rain water collection system; development of administration block including a child-care facility

Project Purpose

The project will focus on the upgrading and embellishment of five key industrial zones in order to address the key elements of state of the art service infrastructure which is crucial to the enhancement of Malta’s competitiveness. Thus, an environment conducive to increased enterprise investments and subsequent improved jobs will be generated.