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ERDF 47: Reconstruction of part of Xlendi Road and Ta' Pinu Road

Project Cost: €4,204,320
Beneficiary: Ministry for Gozo
Line Ministry: Ministry for Gozo
Start Date: 2008
End Date: 2013

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

This project involved the reconstruction of Xlendi and Ta' Pinu Roads. Works have included the scarifying of road surfaces, reconstruction of retaining/boundary walls, laying of storm water and utility facilities, levelling and compaction of the scarified material, constructions of footpaths and laying of asphalt base and wearing course.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Priority Axis: PA6 Urban Regeneration and Improving the Quality of Life
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIPA6 Internal Mobility

Project Objectives

The project will achieve significant improvements in the road network in Gozo which will make a positive contribution to the island's competitiveness and the quality of life of both local and tourists. The present state of the roads is appalling. This has been confirmed by ADT whereby ADT is recommending that the roads should be upgraded immediately. The geological aspect and the existing morphology of Xlendi road are being respected since no road widening is taking place. Furthermore, excavation is being kept to a minimum to reduce any possible damages to underground structures. The elimination of road widening will conserve the valley in its present state. The proposal for road widening in Ta' Pinu Road has been studied to reduce as much as possible the uptake of land whilst increasing road safety at the same time. Pedestrian safety will be increased in the latter through the construction of a pavement along the whole length of the road thereby rendering the road safer for the passer by.

Project Results

The reconstruction and upgrading of 2.94km of road leading to Ta’ Pinu Shrine and its surrounding villages and Xlendi fishing and tourist resort. The road condition value for the new roads will be 1.49 or better.

Project Purpose

The project involves the reconstruction of two arterial roads leading to popular sites and surroundings. This will contribute towards the upgrading of the road network in Gonzo on terms of easier, safer and more flexible access. The public in general will benefit from the management of storm water in Ta' Pinup Road since currently the water is causing severe volume changes to the underlying road material causing extensive to the road and the retaining walls making the road unusable during the rainy season. In the case of Lend Road, the upper part of the road usually gets flooded with rain. With the implementation of this project, the surface water will be directed away from the road surface, making the road still rateable during the rainy season. An energy efficient lighting scheme for all the street lights being proposed therefore the people in general and the environment will benefit. The improved accessibility in Ta Pinu Road and Xlendi will provide a better transportation route for tourists and the population in general. The introduction of cycle lanes in Ta' Pinu road will provide for an alternative means of transport.