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CF 356: Sewage System Extension and Upgrading Project

Spiża tal-proġett: €7,664,958
Benefiċjarju: Water Services Corporation
Line Ministry: Ministry for Energy and Health (MEH)
Start Date: 2014
End Date: 2015

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

Extension of the wastewater collection network to connect the village of Bahrija and the rural areas of Ghajn Qajjet and Bieb ir-Ruwa to the main network at Rabat;upgrading part of the wastewater collection system in Gheriexem and Vjal il-Haddiem in Rabat to cater for increased demand and environmental protection.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: Cohesion Fund
Operational Objective: To minimise landfilling of waste and to rehabilitate disused landfills, as well as, increase the capacity for waste treatment for energy recovery and recycling purposes.
Priority Axis: PA5 Safeguarding the Environment
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIPA5 Solid Waste

Project Objectives

WSC is seeking to construct a sewage transfer system to connect the Baħrija system to the main sewage system at Rabat so as to eliminate the continual transfer of sewage by bowser. It is also seeking to upgrade part of the sewage network at Rabat where the new transfer system would connect to the network to enable this part of the system to meet current demands.The objectives of the project are:To change the transportation method of around 65m3 of wastewater generated daily in the village of Baħrija from a vehicle based system to a piped system;To include the hamlets of Bieb ir-Ruwa and Għajn Qajjet on the same system;To upgrade the wastewater collection system in the Rabat around the area where the Baħrija transfer system would be connecting to the main network.Environmental Objectives:Through this project the WSC is seeking to reduce its carbon footprint, by changing from waste water transport via vehicle in favour of transfer by pipeline. This would subsitute away the use of fuel in transporation of wastewater to electricity;Elimination of the impact (visual and associated odours) of transporting wastewater by bowser, particularly at the point of extraction and the point of discharge;Elimination of localised inconveniences caused by overloaded sewers in the Rabat area, and elimination of sewage overflows into the valley in Rabat which is also effecting areas down to Attard.

Project Results

1. Conversion of the transportation of around 65m3 per day of wastewater from a vehicle (bowser) based system to a piped system.2. Eliminating the continual presence of the wastewater collection bowser from the village of Baħrija, the discharge point at Mtarfa and the road connecting these two points.*Note: The actual volume of wastewater generated varies seasonally and may also be affected by other conditions such as weather.