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ESF 3.113: Employment Support for Persons with Disabilities

Spiża tal-proġett: €1,392,430
Benefiċjarju: Employment and Training Corporation
Line Ministry: Ministry for Education and Employment
Start Date: 2011
End Date: 2015

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

The Employment Support for Persons with Disabilities (ESPD) project contributes towards the integration of disabled persons in the labour market through assessments and support services that include Learning Support Assistance during training, Job Coaching and Personal Assistance allowance to employersduring work exposure and/or employment. This project is driven by the ETC’s belief that the highest form of social inclusion is reached through labour market inclusion.

Operational Programme: OPII Empowering People for More Jobs and a Better Quality of Life ESF
Fund: European Social Fund
Operational Objective: To contribute towards the integration, retention and progression of disadvantaged groups in the labour market, whilst addressing labour market distortions.
Priority Axis: PA3 Promoting and equal and inclusive labour market
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIIPA3 Promoting an inclusive society.

Project Objectives

This project aims to promote an inclusive labour market by encouraging employers through specific support services in the recruitment and in the retention of employment of Persons with Disabilities

Project Results

1. Increase disabled persons trained after being offered assistance 2. Increasing the number of disabled persons in employment trained after being offered assistance3. Increase in job retention amongst Persons with disabilities

Project Purpose

1. The ESPD project focuses on The referred disadvantages groups by assisting them in finding and retaining employment 2. The project is an action for individuals who may be wrongly perceived by employers as being non-productive or too expensive to be employed and retained in employment3. The project increases the individual's conference and practical job-specific skills through "work exposure opportunities".4. The project enhances the financial independence of disadvantaged persons and prevents social exclusion and marginalisation.