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ESF 4.159: Developing Quality Management in the Public Administration through CAF

Spiża tal-proġett: €233,502
Benefiċjarju: Management Efficiency Unit
Line Ministry: Office of the Prime Minister
Start Date: 2011
End Date: 2015

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

The project aims at developing the skills and competencies of public officers in the application of the Common Assessment Framework and central competencies within the MEU to lead CAF implementation in the Public Administration. This will be achieved primarily through training and networking with experienced CAF users and experts.

Operational Programme: OPII Empowering People for More Jobs and a Better Quality of Life ESF
Fund: European Social Fund
Operational Objective: To strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector.
Priority Axis: PA4 Strengthening of institutional and administrative capacity
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIIPA4 Supporting Public Sector Reform
Focus Area of Intervention: OPIIPA4 Lifelong learning for the Public Sector
Focus Area of Intervention: OPIIPA4 Innovative activities

Project Objectives

To strengthen the administrative capacity of the public administration to implement the Common Assessment Framework as a quality management system.

Project Results

The key results of the project are:o At an aggregate level, 70% of CAF Label candidate organisations will attain a 20% improvement in their performance as measured through a multi-dimensional quality management survey. This result will be attained within on e year from end of project, latest end-June 2015. o Setting up a pool of qualified assessors who can conduct independent audits to certify the respective entity/department in CAF Label. Since this will be carried out internally, Government will be saving the contracting out of consultants to carry out these audits. The cumulative savings over four years would be of over Euro 110,000 based on the assumption that four (4) entities per year would be certified in the CAF Label. It is to be noted that the CAF Label certification is valid for two years and thus each entity would have to be assessed and certified every two years.o Building central capacity in CAF and a network of CAF users. It is envisaged that CAF is introduced in ten (10) organisations (including two in Gozo) by the end of 2013 ;o Establishing the ‘CAF External Feedback Procedure’ and the ‘Effective CAF User Label’ that promote peer review and bench-learning and reward organisations that started the journey on continuous improvement toward excellence in an effective way resulting in the improving quality of public services for the benefit of the citizens. It is envisaged that the Effective CAF User Label is awarded to two (2) CAF users in 2013.Results – GozoCAF will be introduced in at least two (2) organisations in Gozo by end 2013.

Project Purpose

o To develop the skills and competencies in the Public Sector through training and other initiatives for increased adoption of the CAF.o To develop a centre of excellence on CAF within MEU to support the Public Sector in CAF implementation, to manage certification and to ensure long-term sustainability.