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ERDF 212: The Regeneration of the Tourism Market in Marsaskala

Project Cost: €244,538
Beneficiary: Marsaskala Local Council
Line Ministry: Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government
Start Date: 2011
End Date: 2013

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

This project by the local council of Marsaskala involved the upgrading of the tourism product offered by the locality near the St. Thomas area and Fort St.Thomas through a heritage trail and the introduction of cultural activities in the area with a view to stimulate the tourism market in Marsaskala

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational Objective: To support the upgrading of the tourism product;
Priority Axis: PA2 Promoting Sustainable Tourism
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIPA2 Product Development
Focus Area of Intervention: OPIPA2 Niche Market Development and Branding

Project Objectives

The project will address the need for recreational tourism through the upgrading of of the promenade complimented with the revival of the cultural sights in the locality of Marsaskala. Moreover:1) Through the intervention of the proposed project, Malta shall benefit from an improved tourist facility in Marsaskala complemented with an improved interpretation through the creation of a Heritage Map;2) The creation of a Heritage Trail Map will also contribute towards an improved marketing strategy of the Maltese Islands as a prime tourism destination while promoting the southern region of Malta as a prime tourist destination;3) The proposed project intends to attract new foreign tourists to the area. This will rekindle entrepreneurial activities that eventually will generate employment and more investment in the Tourism Sector;4) Enriching the visitor experience in the long-term by providing access to Historical Sites for the enjoyment of all

Project Results

1) A 10% growth in the number of tourists staying in Marsaskala;2) The installation of energy efficient lamp posts;3) 300m of upgraded promenade;4) More frequent openings of Fort St Thomas and annual re-enactments in the Fort; 5) Creation of a new page on the Marsaskala website dedicated to the Heritage Trail