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ESF 3.196: Gender Balance in Decision-Making

Spiża tal-proġett: €415,316
Benefiċjarju: National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
Line Ministry: Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties (MSDC)
Start Date: 2013
End Date: 2015

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

Gender Balance in Decision-Making comprised research on gender quotas or related measures and how these were implemented, and on gender-balanced representation in decision-making; as well as Mentoring, which provided the opportunity to women seeking to occupy decision-making jobs to be mentored by persons (preferably women) who already occupy such posts.

Operational Programme: OPII Empowering People for More Jobs and a Better Quality of Life ESF
Fund: European Social Fund
Operational Objective: To increase the female participation rate.
Priority Axis: PA3 Promoting and equal and inclusive labour market
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIIPA3 Female participation in the labour market.
Focus Area of Intervention: OPIIPA3 Addressing labour market distortions and ensuring that work pays.
Focus Area of Intervention: OPIIPA3 Innovative activities.

Project Objectives

The project is intended to facilitate, through knowledge and the implementation of mechanisms, gender-balanced representation in decision-making.

Project Purpose

The specific purpose of the project is to: increase the number of women in decision-making positions; empower and enable women to take up decision-making positions; and tangibly support and advise policy makers on gender-balance in decision-making through the Research studies undertaken by this project.