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ERDF 268: Green Football in Xaghra

Project Cost: €11,949
Beneficiary: Xaghra United Football Club
Line Ministry:
Start Date: 2012
End Date: 2013

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

The project involved the installation of a grid connected PV system of a minimum of 13.992kWp to supply power to a recreational area in Xaghra. Through this project the Xaghra United FC now contributes towards a greener environment and carries out the organisation’s activities in a more sustainable manner.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational Objective: To promote the use of RES and energy efficiency and reduction in the use of non-renewable energy sources;
Priority Axis: PA4 Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIPA4 Energy

Project Objectives

The following objectives are being envisaged in this proposed project:• Increase electricity generation from Renewable Energy Sources Since this proposed project concerns the installation of renewable energy sources, one of its objectives is that of raising the energy generated in Malta through renewable energy sources. This objective is highly important since Malta is committed to reach 10% of the electricity being generated through renewable energy sources by 2020. Malta and the other EU member states have a contractual obligation under the Energy and Climate Change Package, European Commission, December 2008. The latter stipulates percentages of energy being generated in all the EU member states from RES systems by 2020.• Reducing CO2 emissions This reduction has been stipulated in the EU DIRECTIVE 2006/32/EC, which foresees that Malta is obliged to reach a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020. • Reducing reliance on imported fuels Another objective which will be reached through the project being proposed is the reduction of Malta’s dependence with regards to oil, since Malta’s current dependence on oil adds up to 100%. This project will thus lessen the economical and environmental impact that is being imposed on Malta because of this dependency.• Offsetting the recreational facility consumption bills thus enabling the club to invest such savings in philanthropic activities such as training for youths and other sports related educational activities encouraging youths to practice sports and also outlining the benefits of practising sports.

Project Results

Total generating capacity of PV system proposed: 13.992kWpeakTotal annual electricity generated 23,493kWhSince the consumption of energy by the football groundis estimated to be around 8,261kWh per annum and the total annual electricity generated by the PV installation amounts to an average of 23,493kWh, the system shall be generating more than the electrical power requirements of the same building, as shown hereunder:Total power generated per annum: 23,493kWhTotal power consumed by the recreational facility per annum: 8,261kWhTotal power exported to the grid per annum: 23,493kWhEquivalent carbon offset per annum: 20.5 tonnesThe above data does not take into account the degradation of solar panels. Such results would be obtained provided that optimum conditions are available and solar panels are operating at 100% of their maximum efficiency.