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ERDF 288: Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in the Domestic Sector (2012)

Project Cost: €25,670,003
Beneficiary: Regulator for Energy and Water Services
Line Ministry: Office of the Prime Minister (Energy and Projects)
Start Date: 2013
End Date: 2015

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

The RES support scheme provided a financial support to cover part of the costs of PV installations used in the domestic sector. Available funds have been allocated according to the type of equipment purchased.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Operational Objective: To promote the use of RES and energy efficiency measures at the domestic and enterprise levels;
Priority Axis: PA4 Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIPA4 Energy

Project Objectives

The overall objective of the project is the increased use of RES, (photovoltaic panels), leading to a cleaner and healthier environment, resulting from decreased dependence on traditional energy sources and emissions from the burning of fuels from traditional energy. The project will contribute towards the National Priorities which are clearly identified in Section 5 below under Sectoral Strategies.

Project Results

By the end of this scheme, 10,673 additional households have PV panels installed on their roof. This translates to 40,344.47 t reduction in carbon dioxide level. Additionally, 45,845.99 MWH of output power is exported to the national grid annually.