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ERDF 230: Birkirkara - Energy Generation and Conservation project

Project Cost: €47,104
Beneficiary: Birkirkara Local Council
Line Ministry: N/A
Start Date: 2011
End Date: 2013

Non Technical Short Summary Of Project

This project has utilized the best available innovative RES technology that has significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the present facilities while simultaneously leading to a considerable reduction in the current costs for energy. The applicant has furthermore committed to contribute to wider national efforts to mitigate negative effects caused by climate change.

Operational Programme: OPI Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life ERDF
Fund: European Regional Development Fund
Priority Axis: PA4 Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
Focus Area Of Intervention: OPIPA4 Energy

Project Objectives

The objectives of this project emanate from the need to reduce the energy consumption levels which are generated from fossil fuels and therefore generate pollutants in the process. In this context, the primary objectives of this project are to:• Reduce CO2 and other pollutant emissions which are inevitably produced when generating electricity from a conventional source• Be a contributor to the National Target of 10% generation of energy from renewable sources by 2020• Generate electricity from a renewable source to offset the demand of electricity of the facility.It must be highlighted that the project addresses a number of key areas which the Maltese Government has identified so as to reduce the country’s almost complete dependency on the burning of fossil fuels to satisfy the energy demands. Suffice is to state this project targets some of the various Government policies, strategies and reports issued in this respect. These documents advocate the need for Malta to further develop its renewable energy capacity to achieve the targeted share of 2020.

Project Results

• 66% reduction in the annual energy consumption following the commissioning of the PV systems• The General Public will be informed with live readings which will be integrated in the Local Council’s new website • Informative articles with facts and benefits of Renewable Energy Sources will be published on the local publication and the website.